Birth Certificates

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Ordering Online: Please note that all online orders for birth, civil union, marriage and death records must be accompanied by a copy of your written signature and a copy of your valid Driver's License or acceptable ID. If you do not supply us with the necessary documentation within three (3) business days your order will be canceled. Our fax number is (217) 384-1241 and our email is

1. Who May Obtain Birth Certificates:

2. Identification Required:

Valid driver's license or acceptable ID. Faxed or emailed copy of identification and written signature required for online orders. We must see original certified court documents pertaining to any legal matters such as a legal name change or legal guardianship. Documents will be returned when order is processed.

Acceptable Forms of Identification to Obtain Vital Records

One of the following:

Or one from each of the following two categories:

Group 1
  • Social Security Card or Print Out
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Photo Work Identification Card
  • Traffic Ticket
  • Resident Alien Card
  • School Identification Card
  • Checkbook or Savings book (showing name and address)
  • Champaign County Jail Photo ID Bracelet
  • W-2 Form
  • Bank Statement (within the past 90 days)
  • Utility Bill (within the past 60 days)
  • Active Insurance Policy (at least 1 year old)
  • Vehicle Registration Card
  • Current Lease
  • Current 1st Class Mail
  • Jail Discharge Papers (needs to be approved by County Clerk)

All documents must be current and valid.

3. Fee:

$21.00 for the first copy, $11.00 for each additional copy when purchased at the same time.

Accepted payments:

Search for Birth & Vitals Records

Fee rates apply to all searches for birth & vital records as stipulated in: (410 ILCS 535/25) Any local registrar or county clerk shall search the files of birth, death and fetal death records, upon receipt of a written request from any applicant entitled to such search. If upon search the record requested is found, such local registrar or county clerk shall furnish the applicant one certification or certified copy of such record, under the seal of such office, upon payment of the applicable fees. If the requested record is not found, the local registrar or county clerk shall furnish the applicant a certification attesting to that fact, if so requested by the applicant and upon payment of applicable fee.

4. Births On File In Champaign County:

Only persons born in Champaign County from 1878 to present. If you were adopted, your birth certificate remains in the County that you were born in. People adopted in Champaign County will only have a birth record in Champaign County if they were born here.

5. To Obtain A Birth Certificate In Person:

To obtain a certified copy, with a raised seal, of your Birth Certificate in person stop by our office at:
1776 East Washington Street, Urbana, IL ( mapexternal link)

6. To Obtain A Birth Certificate By Mail:

To obtain a certified copy, with raised seal, of your Birth Certificate by mail, your request must include a photocopy of your driver's license or acceptable ID, your name at birth, date of birth, parents' full names (mother's maiden name), as well as your written signature, payment (Money Order, Cashier Check, or Certified Check) and return address.

Please mail birth certificate requests to:

7. To Obtain A Birth Certificate Online:

To obtain a certified copy, with raised seal, of your Birth Certificate online, you must send a copy of your valid driver's license or acceptable ID and your written signature to us either by fax (217) 384-1241 or by email and fill out the request formexternal link.

Note: Any person who with the intention to deceive, willfully uses or attempts to use any certificate of birth or certified copy of a record of birth knowing that such certificate or certified copy was issued upon a record that is false in whole or in part or that relates to the birth of another person, is guilty of a Class 4 felony in the state of Illinois