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Aaron Ammons was elected Champaign County Clerk in 2018. Prior to that he was an Urbana Alderman and co-founder of a grassroots organization, Champaign Urbana Citizens for Peace & Justice. Aaron worked at the University of Illinois for 17 years and served as President of SEIU 73 Chapter 119.  He served as a Trustee for the State University Retirement System for 6 years and he is married to State Representative Carol Ammons (103rd District).  Aaron is passionate about family, Democracy, voting rights, citizenship, economic and social justice, gardening, fishing, and basketball.

I Voted Sticker Contest

Calling ALL artists in Champaign County! Our beloved I Voted sticker needs to be updated and what better way to make it happen than by inserting art into democracy. We want you to design the next I Voted sticker. A winner will be selected from each category and the winning designs will be made into stickers and used in the 2022 Elections!

Submissions are due April 18th! More details below.

The theme for 2022 is “This is what democracy looks like.” You are not required to incorporate the words of the theme into the work, just the concept.

*if you are under 18 and submitting your entry digitally, you also need to submit a parental release form. Download it here, have them sign it, and scan and email it to

  • K-5th Grade - Prize is a $25 Gift Card
  • 6th-8th Grade - Prize is a $50 Gift Card
  • 9th-12th Grade - Prize is a $100 Gift Card
  • 18-25 Years Old - Prize is a $150 Gift Card
  • 26-54 Years Old - Prize is a $150 Gift Card
  • 55 Years Old and Up- Prize is a $150 Gift Card

Here are the rules of the I Voted Sticker Contest:

  • Your submission must reflect or interpret the theme.
    • The theme for 2022 is “This is what democracy looks like.” You are not required to incorporate the words of the theme into the work, just the concept.
  • All submissions must be original. Third-party artwork or materials or any copyrights or trademarks may not be used in your submission. Violation or suspected violation of copyright laws or plagiarism will result in disqualification from the contest.
  • The Clerk’s Office reserves the right to disqualify any submission that may be offensive or otherwise unsuitable for the contest.
  • All submissions must be non-partisan, and any submission explicitly or implicitly promoting or advocating against a candidate, partisan political issue, or political party will be disqualified.
  • The Clerk’s Office has full discretion on what entries are provided to the public for viewing.
  • One entry per artist.
  • Hard copy submissions should not use glitter. Entries with glitter will not be accepted for judging.
  • A submission that has been submitted to the contest in previous years may not be resubmitted.
  • All submissions must be accompanied by a completed application.
  • Contest is open to Champaign County residents only.
  • All submissions must be received by the Clerk’s Office by 12:00PM on April 18, 2022.
  • All artists will be informed of the status of their submission.
  • Submissions will not be returned to the artist unless a specific request is made by the artist
  • County employees, their spouses, and immediate family members are prohibited from entering the contest. This includes any family members living with the employee.


  • While the winning designs are being used, royalty-free, by the Clerk’s Office, no other use of the design is allowed. Once the Clerk’s Office has ended use of the design, the artist regains full use of the design.
  • Winning designs may be altered to fit various mediums. The Clerk’s Office will make all efforts to preserve the original design.
  • The winning designs will be turned into stickers, posters, flyers, and other mediums.
  • Artists of winning designs can request to be a part of the final phase to develop stickers. Due to the short time frame of the end of the contest and when voting starts, the Clerk’s Office will do it’s best to accommodate input from the artist of winning designs, but it may not be possible.

K-5th Grade Submissions

  • Submissions may be digital or hard copy. If submitting digitally, follow guidelines outlined below.
    • To enter a hard copy submission, please mail it to the Clerk’s Office at 1776 E Washington St, Urbana, IL 61802
    • Hard copy submissions require the application and parental release form to be completed.

All Other Groups

  • Original submission size should be no more than 5x7.
  • The winning submission will be translated to a 2 in x 2 in sticker.
  • Submissions must be a high-resolution (600 dpi or higher) in print quality jpeg or png digital format.
  • All submissions required a completed application.
  • Submit your entry here.


  • The panelist of judges is listed below.
  • Panelist will review the artwork based on these criteria:
    • Demonstrates the theme
    • Artistic technique and skill
    • Creativity of subject matter
  • Prior to the panelist reviewing submissions, the Clerk’s Office staff will review all entries for compliance on demonstrating the theme.
  • Any submissions found to not be demonstrating the theme or otherwise disqualified by the Clerk’s Office will not be forwarded to the panel for judging.


*Judges will be listed here as they are confirmed

Mobile Homes

Owning a mobile home or a mobile home park in Champaign County comes with legal requirements. If the information below does not answer your questions, please email the Taxes Division at

Mobile Home Owners


As a mobile home owner you are required to register your home. Registration must be up to date with the current owner or resident within 10 days upon inhabiting. Failure to register your mobile home is a Class A Misdemeanor.

Register your mobile home by completing the Mobile Home Registration form and returning it to the Clerk's Office. You can email it to or mail it the Clerk's Office at the address listed below.

Mailing address for the form: Champaign County Clerk, Brookens Administrative Center, 1776 E Washington St, Urbana, IL 61820


If you move your mobile home, you must update the information with us at the Clerk's Office. In order to do that you must complete the Mobile Home Registration form and return it to the Clerk's Office. You can email it to or mail it the Clerk's Office at the address listed below.

Mailing address for the form: Champaign County Clerk, Brookens Administrative Center, 1776 E Washington St, Urbana, IL 61820


Mobile homes DO pay property taxes! Technically the tax is called a privilege tax but it functions as a property tax. Property tax bills are sent by the Champaign County Treasurer/Collector in March/April every year and have one installment due in June. Paying this on time is very important. Failure to pay property taxes can result in increased fees and eventually a loss of the home. If you didn't receive your property tax bill by mid-May, contact the Treasurer/Collector's Office at or 217/384-3743.

If you need your mobile home property tax bill sent to a different address, you need to update the Mobile Home Registration form. You can email it to or mail it the Clerk's Office at the address listed below.

Mailing address for the form: Champaign County Clerk, Brookens Administrative Center, 1776 E Washington St, Urbana, IL 61820


Mobile homes have three possible exemptions: senior citizen, disabled person, and disabled veteran. To apply for a exemption, complete the Mobile Home Registration form. You can email it to or mail it the Clerk's Office at the address listed below.

Senior Citizen & Disabled Person exemptions can receive 20% off the total property tax bill for the mobile home. Senior citizens must be at least 65 years of age and provide ID verifying age. Individuals with disabilities will need to provide a claim number. For senior citizen and disabled exemptions the individual applying must be the title holder and living in the mobile home. Once the exemption has been verified, it does not need to be applied for year after year.

Disabled Veterans can receive 100% off the total property tax bill for the mobile home. They must be the title holder and living in the mobile home. Disabled veteran status must be verified with discharge papers or a veteran's assistance letter of benefits. Once the exemption has been verified, it does not need to be applied for year after year.

Mailing address for the form: Champaign County Clerk, Brookens Administrative Center, 1776 E Washington St, Urbana, IL 61820


Transferring the title of a mobile home involves multiple government offices. Please follow the steps outlined below.

1. All property taxes on the mobile home must be paid - current tax year and any delinquent. The process cannot go forward with any outstanding taxes.

2. Acquire a Certificate of Taxes Paid from the Treasurer/Collector's Office, verifying that all taxes are paid.

  • The title must be present for the Treasurer/Collector's Office to inspect when requesting the Certificate of Taxes Paid.
  • Before receiving the Certificate, you will need to complete a Mobile Home Registration form at the Treasurer/Collector's Office. You can download and bring with you or copies will be available there.
  • The Treasurer/Collector's Office will provide 2 copies of the Certificate, 1 is for the Clerk's Office and 1 is for the Secretary of State.

2. The title must be signed by the buyer and the seller.

3. Take the signed title and Certificate of Taxes Paid to the DMV and have the title transferred.

Mobile Home Park Owners and/or Managers

Information for Mobile Home Park Owners and/or Managers will be coming soon!

Fraud Protection

Property fraud is a legitimate concern for property owners. Below are different ways the Recorder's Office can help you protect your property.


The Recorder's Office offers a free service called Property Fraud Alert. Property Fraud Alert monitors documents filed with the Champaign County Clerk & Recorder's Office and will alert you if anything is filed with your name on it. Sign up for Property Fraud Alert here.


The deed to your property is securely stored by the Recorder's Office and we are happy to provide a free copy of it to the property owners upon request. You should never be paying a service or company for a copy of your deed. If you receive an unsolicited letter from a company offering to provide you with your deed and other legal documents, it is definitely a scam.


Illinois General Assembly (Public Act 100-276) authorizes County Recorders to protect owners of real property from fraudulent filings by establishing a process to review and refer to the circuit court documents suspected to be fraudulent. This process is outlined in the Fraud Referral and Review Process pursuant to Illinois Statute (55 ILCS 5/3-5010.5).

The Recorder shall use the following criteria, found in Illinois law (55 ILCS 5/3-5010.5), to consider whether a filing may be fraudulent and subject to review by the Circuit Court.

(1) whether the owner of the property or his or her designated representative has reported to the recorder that another individual is attempting or has attempted to record a fraudulent deed or other instrument upon the property;
(2) whether a law enforcement official has contacted the recorder indicating that he or she has probable cause to suspect title or recording fraud;
(3) whether the filer's name has a copyright attached to it or the property owner's name has nonstandard punctuation attached to it;
(4) whether the documents assert fines that do not exist or have no basis under current law or that require payment in gold or silver;
(5) whether the documents are maritime liens, or liens under the Federal Maritime Lien Act or the Preferred Ship Mortgage Act, or not authorized by the United States Coast Guard;
(6) whether the documents are land patents not authorized and certified by the United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management;
(7) whether the documents are representing that the subject of the lien is releasing itself from a lien held by another entity, with no apparent cooperation or authorization provided by the lienholder;
(8) whether the documents are protesting or disputing a foreclosure proceeding that are not filed within the foreclosure suit and with the court presiding over the matter;
(9) whether the documents are Uniform Commercial Code filings referencing birth certificates or other private records that are not in compliance with Section 9-501 of the Uniform Commercial Code;
(10) whether the documents are re-recording deeds to re-notarize or attach notary certification if prior notarization already appears unaltered on the document of record;
(11) whether the documents are asserting diplomatic credentials or immunity, non-United States citizenship, or independence from the laws of the United States;
(12) whether the documents are claims that a bank cannot hold title after a foreclosure;
(13) whether the documents are deeds not properly signed by the last legal owner of record or his or her court appointed representative or attorney-in-fact under a power of attorney;
(14) whether the documents are manipulated or altered federal or State legal or court forms that release a lien;
(15) whether a document is not related to a valid existing or potential adverse transaction, existing lien, or judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction;
(16) a document that is not related to a valid existing or potential commercial or financial transaction, existing agricultural or other lien, or judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction;
(17) whether the document is filed with the intent to harass or defraud the person identified in the record or any other person;
(18) whether the document is filed with the intent to harass or defraud any member of a governmental office, including, but not limited to, the recorder's office, local government offices, the State of Illinois, or the Federal government; and
(19) whether the documents are previous court determinations, including a previous determination by a court of competent jurisdiction that a particular document is fraudulent, invalid, or forged.

If the Recorder determines, after review by legal staff and counsel, that a deed or instrument that is recorded may be fraudulent, unlawfully altered, or intended to unlawfully cloud or transfer the title of any real property, the Recorder shall record a Notice of Referral, identifying the document, corresponding document number in question, and the date of determination.

The Recorder shall notify any parties within the reviewed document of his determination to seek review. The Recorder shall use county property tax records to identify and provide notice to the last owner of record by telephone, if available, and certified mail when a deed or instrument has been referred for review and determination.

Any person, entity, or legal representative within the reviewed document shall confirm in writing his or her belief that a document or documents are suspected to be fraudulent and may request that the Recorder refer the case for review to the Circuit Court. Upon request, the Recorder shall bring a case to the circuit court by filing a petition for review therein. Notice of the hearing shall be provided by the Recorder to the filer, or the party represented by the filer, of the suspected fraudulent document, and the last owner of record, as identified in the referral.

If clear and convincing evidence shows the document in question to be fraudulent, the circuit court shall rule the document to be fraudulent and the Recorder shall forward the judgment to all the parties identified in this subsection. Upon receiving notice of the judgment of fraud, the Recorder shall, within 5 (five) business days, record a new document that includes a copy of the judgment in front of the Notice of Referral that shall clearly state that the document in question has been found to be fraudulent and shall not be considered to affect the chain of title of the property in any way.

If the circuit court finds the document to be legitimate, the Recorder shall, within 5 (five) business days after receiving notice, record a copy of the judgment.

A decision by the circuit court shall not preclude the State's Attorney or the Sheriff from proceeding with a criminal investigation or criminal charges.

The Recorder shall send a notice, by regular mail, the order of the Circuit Court to all parties within the reviewed document.

Nothing in this Section precludes a private right of action by any party with an interest in the property affected by the review and referral, or the filer of the document or documents suspected to be fraudulent. Nothing in this Section requires a person or entity who may have had a fraudulent document or encumbrance filed against his or her property to use the fraud review and referral process created by this Section.

The Recorder shall retain any filing fees associated with filing a deed or instrument that is determined to be fraudulent, unlawfully altered, or intended to unlawfully cloud or transfer the title of any real property under this Section.

The Recorder shall provide public notice 90 days before the establishment of the fraud referral and review process authorized hereunder. The notice shall include a statement of the Recorder's intent to create a fraud referral and review process and shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the County and, if feasible, posted on the Recorder's website and at the Recorder's office.


Search Records

There are many ways to search the records of the Recorder of Deeds website. Here's a quick breakdown.


Direct Search gives you the ability to search records, for free, filed with the Champaign County Recorder of Deeds Office. Search results will include basic information about the document, acquiring an image of the document is at a modest cost.

There is a 10-day delay on documents being filed with the Clerk & Recorder's Office and being available on Direct Search.


Tapestry is a web-based search program. It has pay-as-you-go access or account payment plans.

Access Tapestry here.

Benefits of Tapestry:

  • 24/7 Remote Internet Access
  • Secure browser based access
  • Search various parameters (grantor/grantee, date range, legal description, etc)

Cost of Tapestry:

  • Index / Image Search – $6.95 per search
  • Print Copies – $1.00 per page
  • Flexible Payment Options: Pay-as-you-go with a credit card – Visa & MasterCard accepted
  • Open Account Payment Plan – $25 minimum per month

Helpful Hints for Using Tapestry:

  • LESS IS MORE – only search under one criteria. For example, last name only or subdivision only.
  • Searching by PIN is not recommended.
  • When searching by name use the format LASTNAME FIRSTNAME one space and no commas.
  • If searching by legal description, you will need to put in the exact subdivision name for your search.
  • If searching for a Plat, look up the document number from the subdivision list located under the forms tab. You will need to use the number not the name to find your plat.

Laredo offers 24 hour access to the records held by the Champaign County Clerk & Recorder's Office.

Benefits of Laredo:

  • 24/7 access through web browser or desktop software
  • Results are updated in real time
  • Same user interface that is used on Recorder’s work stations
  • Customizable results screens
  • Subscription based

Cost of Laredo:

Minutes per Month Cost per Month
0-250 $75
251-500 $125
501-1000 $200
1001-2000 $300
2001 and up $400

To Sign Up for Laredo:

  • Download, sign, and return the Service Provider Agreement to
  • Choose and download your Laredo software choice.



Monarch is a unique service of Fidlar, the company who provides our recording software.  Using Monarch, you can obtain copies of documents from our office in bulk.  For example, if you wanted to have a copy of all the deeds filed in one month in our office, Monarch would be your most cost effective solution.

You can find out more about Monarch at the Fidlar website.




File Records

It's easy to file your documents with the Clerk & Recorder's Office! The easiest being filing your documents electronically. Electronic recording is convenient and secure.

E-recording has several benefits including:

  • Less turn around time; documents that are e-recorded are submitted safely over the internet, recorded, and returned digitally that same day.
  • Makes your company green! E-recordings mean savings in paper, time, and fuel.
  • E-recording wins the "race to the courthouse" because e-recordings are seamlessly filed in the daily workflow.
  • Cost savings in postage (including overnight shipping).
  • Fewer rejections and quicker corrections.

If you would like to file your documents in-person, the Clerk & Recorder's Office is open Monday-Friday, excluding major holidays, 8AM-4:30PM, on the 2nd Wednesday of the month we open at 9am.


Legislators have recently passed HB3878 which increases the Rental Housing Support Fee by an additional $10.00.  The increase affects recording fees in all 102 counties throughout the State of Illinois and will take effect July 1, 2023.

MyDec is the online service of the Illinois Department of Revenue to process deeds, PTAX 203 forms, and revenue stamps. MyDec is a free and optional service.  It is anticipated that at some point in the future, all property transactions will be processed through MyDec so we are recommending people sign up and start to take advantage of the website. Sign up here for MyDec.

The Clerk & Recorder's Office also accepts e-filings from these agencies.


Real estate documents (Deeds, mortgages, releases, etc.) presented for recording in the State of Illinois must:

  • Be on white 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper.
  • The top 3 x 5 inches on the top right hand side must be blank.
  • No permanently bound or continuous forms.
  • No attachments stapled or taped to any pages.

All documents recorded in the State of Illinois must have included within the text a complete name and address of preparer, as well as, a complete name and address of where to return the document. Documents must have original signatures, and correct payment by check or cash.

Deeds: Must also have a complete name and address of where the tax bill is to be sent. All deeds require a State of Illinois PTAX declaration form or letter of exemption which is signed and dated.

Assignments and Releases: Require an associated document number.


In Illinois, the transfer of real estate from one entity to another is subject to the Real Estate Transfer Tax.  While there are some exemptions to this law, most transactions will have to be accompanied by a PTAX 203 form from the Illinois Department of Revenue.  The Department also has PTAX 203-A, PTAX 203-B, and PTAX 203-NR for unique circumstances, including exempt transactions.

Any deed brought to our office for recording must have one of the above forms accompanying the filing or the deed must cite an exemption from submitting the form.

The Department of Revenue website has more detailed information about the Real Estate Transfer tax and the forms to report it.

Complete statutory requirements for document filings may be found in 55 ILCS 5/3-5018.


Plat requirements are numerous. We recommend contacting your surveyor for all pertinent information.


Document Recording Fee:

  • $61. This includes deeds, mortgages, releases, and other related documents. There is no additional page charge.  
  • Documents not meeting one or more of these requirements are $73.00 with no additional page charge.
  • The plat recording fee is $108. The fee is the same, regardless of  number of pages.

Uniform Commercial Code Filings (UCC) are $33.  Releases are $13.

State Tax Liens and Releases are $11

Federal Tax Liens and Releases are $18.

Government bodies are exempt from paying the Rental Housing Support fee of $10, reducing their fees by that amount.

Copies of documents are $.50 per page.

Certified copies are $12 for the first four pages and $1 for additional pages.

Copies of plat maps are $1.50.

Copies of plats with all covenants are $10.00.

You can find more information on how the fees are broken down and what they fund here.


Vote Centers

Voting that works for you!

Vote centers are being used nationwide to make voting more accessible, convenient, and efficient.

Champaign County voters have demonstrated they want vote centers through the voting trends of the last 10 years. In 2020, voting in-person on election day was the least used form of voting. Voting by mail and voting early were the preferred choices and now the continuing vote by list is available in Illinois. Sign up once for vote by mail and you will automatically be sent a ballot for every election you are eligible to vote in. The regular vote by mail list still exists if you prefer to sign up for vote by mail one election at a time.

Voting Trends

A vote center is a polling place that any registered or eligible to be registered voter in Champaign County can use. The use of vote centers is partnered with the expansion of vote by mail because the more people voting by mail, the fewer people we have physically using polling places. This creates a very expensive voting system for fewer and fewer voters. This is not a responsible or necessary use of taxpayer money.

Vote centers allow for a fiscally responsible way to provide in-person voting for those that want it while expanding vote by mail access to voters requesting it. Vote centers also provide an opportunity for elections to be equally accessible to voters of all abilities. By focusing on a set number of vote centers the Clerk's Office can provide better training and resources to election judges.

In addition to all vote centers being available for all voters in Champaign County, vote centers will offer a more flexible and convenient voting opportunity. This applies to all areas of the county. A single day of voting doesn't work for the schedules of most voters anymore and vote centers are a way to increase access, equity, and flexibility for all voters.

Some of the vote centers you see listed below are open for Early Voting. See the Early Voting Schedule here.


Polling Locations: 

Polling Location Name: Precinct for 2023: Location Address (physical): City: Zip Code: Allows Political Signs:
Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) City of Champaign 08,City of Champaign 03,City of Champaign 04 201 E Peabody Dr Champaign 61820 X
Ayers-Broadlands Fire Station Ayers,Raymond 104 W State Street Broadlands 61816 X
Bible Baptist Church Champaign 3 4001 W Kirby Ave Champaign 61822 NO
Bondville Village Hall Scott Bondville,Scott Seymour 102 S Walnut Bondville 61815 X
Bresnan Meeting Center City of Champaign 29,City of Champaign 30,City of Champaign 35 706 Kenwood Rd Champaign 61821 X
Brookens Admin Center Cunningham 18,Cunningham 19,Urbana 2,Urbana 4 1776 E Washington Urbana 61802 X
Carpenters' Local No. 243 City of Champaign 37,Champaign 2 402 S Duncan Rd Champaign 61821 NO
Champaign Public Library City of Champaign 20 200 W Green St Champaign 61820 NO
Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (CDL Training Facility) Cunningham 17 1207 E University Ave Urbana 61802 X
Curtis Road Church of God City of Champaign 38 2604 Curtis Rd Champaign 61822 NO
Douglass Center Annex City of Champaign 01 804 N Fifth St Champaign 61820 X
East Bend Township Building East Bend 9 Main St Dewey 61840 X
First Christian Church City of Champaign 39 3601 S Staley Rd Champaign 61822 NO
Fisher Community Building Brown Fisher 100 E School St. Fisher 61843 X
Florida Ave Residence Hall Cunningham 05 1005 College Ct Urbana 61801 X
Free Methodist Church City of Champaign 32 1913 S Mattis Ave Champaign 61821 NO
Gifford Community Bldg Compromise Gifford,Harwood,Compromise Penfield,Kerr 101 S Main Gifford 61847 X
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church City of Champaign 16,City of Champaign 24,City of Champaign 15,City of Champaign 23 2101 S Prospect Ave Champaign 61820 NO
Hays Center City of Champaign 25 1311 W Church Champaign 61821 X
Hensley Town Hall Hensley,City of Champaign 17 SW Corner of Hensley Rd & 900E Champaign 61822 X
Hessel Pk. Christian Reformed Church City of Champaign 22 700 W Kirby Champaign 61820 NO
Holy Cross Parish Center City of Champaign 11,City of Champaign 12 405 W Clark Champaign 61820 NO
Homer City Building South Homer 500 E 2nd St Homer 61849 X
Illini Hillel City of Champaign 02,City of Champaign 07 503 E John Champaign 61820 X
Illini Union Cunningham 02,Cunningham 07,Cunningham 08 1401 W Green Urbana 61801 X
Illinios Street Residence (ISR) Cunningham 03 1010 W Illinois St Urbana 61801 X
Ivesdale Fire Station Colfax,Sadorus Ivesdale 406 3rd St Ivesdale 61851 X
Lake of the Woods Pavilion Newcomb,Mahomet 4 109 S Lake of the Woods Rd Mahomet 61853 X
Leonhard Recreation Center City of Champaign 31 2307 W Sangamon Champaign 61821 X
Living Word Family Church St. Joseph 2 1000 Park Ave St. Joseph 61873 NO
Ludlow Township Office Ludlow 1,Ludlow 2 133 W Thomas Ludlow 60949 X
Mahomet Public Library Mahomet 1,Mahomet 3 1702 E Oak St Mahomet 61853 X
Meadowbrook Community Church City of Champaign 33,City of Champaign 36 1902 S Duncan Rd Champaign 61821 NO
Mellon Adminstrative Center City of Champaign 13,City of Champaign 14 703 S New Champaign 61820 X
Mt Calvary Baptist Church Champaign 1 1601 W Bloomington Rd Champaign 61821 NO
Mt Olive Baptist Church Cunningham 01 808 E Bradley Champaign 61820 X
Ogden Rose Library Ogden 1 103 W Main St Ogden 61859 X
Parkland College - Student Union City of Champaign 18,City of Champaign 34 2400 W Bradley Ave Champaign 61821 X
Pennsylvania Ave. Baptist Church Cunningham 13,Cunningham 16 600 E Pennsylvania Ave Urbana 61801 NO
Pesotum Community Building Crittenden,Pesotum 103 E Lincoln Pesotum 61863 X
Philo Road Church of Christ Cunningham 22,Urbana 1,Cunningham 21 2601 S Philo Rd Urbana 61802 X
Philo Town Hall Philo 104 S Harrison Philo 61864 X
Plumbers' and Pipefitters' Local 149 Champaign 6 1005 N Dunlap Ave Savoy 61874 X
Point of Change Church  Mahomet 5,Mahomet 2 702 Turkey Farm Rd Mahomet 61853 X
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church St. Joseph 3,St. Joseph 1 802 E Douglas St. Joseph 61873 NO
Rantoul Youth Center Rantoul 6,Rantoul 5 1306 Country Club Lane Rantoul 61866 X
River Valley Church of Christ Condit,Brown Foosland 17 Owlcreek Ln Fisher 61843 NO
Royal Community Building Ogden 2 103 S Park Royal 61871 X
Sadorus Village Hall Sadorus Sadorus 115 E Market Sadorus 61872 X
Salvation Army Corps City of Champaign 19 502 N Prospect Champaign 61820 NO
Savoy Recreation Center Champaign 4,Tolono 2 402 W Graham Savoy 61874 X
Siebel Center for Design City of Champaign 05 1208 S Fourth St Champaign 61820 X
Somer Township Building Somer 5406 NW Arrowhead Drive Urbana 61802 X
St. Matthew Lutheran Church  Cunningham 23,Cunningham 14,Cunningham 15,Cunningham 20 2200 Philo Rd Urbana 61802 X
St. Peter's United Church of Christ City of Champaign 21,City of Champaign 26,City of Champaign 27,City of Champaign 28 905 S Russell Champaign 61821 NO
Stanton Township Building & Town Hall Stanton 2103 County Rd 2100E St. Joseph 61873 X
The Church Of The Living God  City of Champaign 06,City of Champaign 10 312 E Bradley Champaign 61820 X
The Gathering Place (First United Methodist Ch) Rantoul 1,Rantoul 2,Ludlow 3,Rantoul 3 220 S Marshall St Rantoul 61866 X
The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois Cunningham 06,Urbana 3 1500 N Lincoln Ave Urbana 61801 NO
Thomasboro Fire Station Rantoul 4 101 N Church St Thomasboro 61878 X
Tolono Public Library Tolono 1,Tolono 3 111 E Main St Tolono 61880 X
Twin City Bible Church Cunningham 09,Cunningham 04 806 W Michigan Urbana 61801 NO
Urbana Free Library Cunningham 10,Cunningham 11,Cunningham 12 210 W Green St Urbana 61801 X
Village of Sidney Building Sidney 211 E Main Sidney 61877 X
Windsor Rd. Christian Church Champaign 5 2501 W Windsor Rd Champaign 61822 NO
WorkNet Illinois City of Champaign 09 1307 N Mattis Champaign 61821 X

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is voting at a vote center different?

    Not at all. It is the same process as voting at any precinct-based polling location.

    How will a vote center have the right ballot for me?

    All vote centers will print ballots on demand as voters are checked in. The Clerk's Office tested this in the 2021 Consolidated Primary and General and it worked very well. It also significantly reduces the paper waste from an election because we are no longer printing large quantities of ballots for the polling places.

    Who will the election judges be at vote centers?

    The Clerk's Office will utilize the same procedure for election judges, both county parties submit their judge lists to the Clerk's Office and additional judges sign up directly with the Clerk's Office. Both parties will be represented as election judges at vote centers, as they would be at precinct-based polling locations.

    Accessible Voting

    Since taking office in 2018 Clerk Aaron Ammons has been committed to improving the accessibility of elections in Champaign County. Voters of all abilities should have the choice to vote independently and in private. On this webpage you will find information about all of the accessibility options offered by the Clerk's Office for voting in Champaign County.

    The Clerk's Office is always trying to improve accessibility so please consider completing our short survey after you have voted. Your feedback helps us make improvements for all voters in Champaign County.

    Vote By Mail As An Accessible Option

    The Clerk's Office is currently investigating ways to make vote by mail more accessible to those with vision or motor disabilities and plans to offer a revised system for requesting and completing a ballot for the 2022 elections.


    The ExpressVote is a highly adaptive machine that uses touch-screen technology to produce a paper ballot for voters.  ExpressVote is used to assist voters in filling out their paper ballots. Once the paper ballot is completed to the voter's satisfaction, it will be inserted into a tabulator, just as any other paper ballot would.  At least one ExpressVote machine will be available at all polling places in future elections to assist voters with disabilities in Champaign County. 

    The ExpressVote also has:

    • A moveable button pad with Braille
    • Audio assistance technology that will read the ballot to the voter
    • And a sip and puff control function

    Check out our video on how the ExpressVote works and give it a try next time you vote in-person.

    If you are vision impaired and would like to use the ExpressVote, at the voting location at Brookens a reader pen will be available for anyone who wants to verify the content of their printed ExpressVote ballot before casting it. Simply ask an election judge when are done voting to use it.

    Accessible Polling Places

    The Clerk's Office is reliant on other organizations and government entities to house our in-person voting locations and therefore we cannot always ensure they are completely ADA compliant. We do have them professionally evaluated on a regular basis and below you can find information on our more compliant and accessible early voting locations. These locations are also open for voting on Election Day. For the complete early voting schedule, please click here.

    Location Address Compliance Level Notes
    Brookens Administrative Center 1776 E Washington St, Urbana, 61802 Compliant This location will have a lower ballot box so voters using wheelchairs can cast their ballot themselves. It also has a reader pen available for low or no vision voters.
    Ayers-Broadlands Fire Department 104 W State St, Broadlands, 61816 Compliant  
    Carpenters Local 243 402 S Duncan Rd, Champaign,  61821 Compliant  
    Champaign Public Library 200 W Green St, Champaign 61820 Compliant  
    Champaign-Ford Regional Office of Education 3358 Big Pine Trail, Champaign, 61822 Mostly Compliant Accessible parking will be designated on the side of the building and a call button will be available to provide assistance entering the location if needed.
    Church of the Living God 312 E Bradley Ave, Champaign, 61821 Compliant  
    Crystal Lake Boathouse 206 W Park St, Urbana, 61801 Mostly Compliant Parking lot has a slant and door has a 90 degree opening.
    Douglas Center Annex 804 N 5th St, Champaign, 61820 Compliant  
    Gathering Place 220 S Marshall, Rantoul 61866 Compliant  
    Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 2101 S Prospect, Champaign, 61820 Mostly Compliant Clerk's Office will add a temporary rubber map at entry way to address gap. Door is heavy, Clerk's Office will add exterior door call device.
    EH Mellon Admin Center 703 S New St, Champaign, 61820 Compliant  
    Holy Cross Parish Center 405 W Clark St, Champaign 61820 Compliant  
    Illini Union 1401 W Green St, Urbana 61801 Compliant Look for signage to direct you to the voting room. Use the far left doors of the entrance in the circle drive. Those doors are automatic.
    Ivesdale Fire Department 406 Third Street, Ivesdale, 61851 Mostly Compliant  
    Lake of the Woods Pavilion 1702 E Prairie View Rd, Mahomet, 61853 Mostly Compliant Parking Lot is not marked properly
    Leonhard Recreation Center 2307 Sangamon Dr, Champaign 61821 Compliant *NOT AVAILABLE FOR JUNE ELECTION*
    Meadowbrook Community Church 1902 S Duncan Rd, Champaign 61822 Compliant  
    Mt Calvary Missionary Baptist Church 1601 W Bloomington Rd, Champaign 61821 Mostly Compliant  
    Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church 808 E Bradley Ave, Champaign, 61820 Mostly Compliant  
    Parkland College, Student Union 2400 W Bradley Ave, Champaign, 61821 Compliant  
    Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 149 1005 N Dunlap Ave, Savoy, 61874 Mostly Compliant  
    Rantoul Youth Center 1306 Country Club Ln, Rantoul 61866 Mostly Compliant  
    River Valley Church of Christ 17 Owlcreek Lane, Fisher 61843 Mostly Compliant  
    Savoy Recreation Center 402 Graham, Savoy 61874 Mostly Compliant Door is heavy, Clerk's Office will add exterior door call device.
    St. Matthew Lutheran Church 2200 Philo Rd, Urbana 61802 Compliant  
    Tolono Public Library 111 E Main St, Tolono 61880 Compliant  
    Windsor Road Christian Church 2501 Windsor Rd, Champaign 61822 Mostly Compliant  


    Adaptive Devices Available At Polling Places

    In addition to the ExpressVote we also have these adaptive devices:

    • A page size magnification sheet
    • A handheld magnification
    • A pen with a larger grip circumference
    • A signature guide

    The option still exists for a voter to have two election judges, one from each political party, read the ballot out loud and complete it for the voter. Just ask when you check in to vote.

    Curbside Voting

    Curbside voting is an option available on Election Day to voters who cannot physically enter an ADA accessible polling location. Documentation from a doctor is required to qualify for curbside voting. For more information contact the Elections Division at or 217/384-3724.



    Champaign County GIS Consortium has an excellent mapping service. Users can overlay districts, search addresses, and more. Click here to access the interactive mapping tool.


    1. Click on Mobile Interactive App
    2. When using the GIS mapping tool, you can choose what "layers" you want to view on the map. Click on the Layer icon.
    GIS Layer Function







    3. Scroll through the list and select the layers you want to be visible in the map.

    4. Use the + & - to zoom in and out on the map.

    GIS Zoom Functions







    5. Left click, hold it, and drag to move the map around.


    County Board District 1

    County Board District 2

    County Board District 3

    County Board District 4

    County Board District 5

    County Board District 6

    County Board District 7

    County Board District 8

    County Board District 9

    County Board District 10

    County Board District 11


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