Many Ways to Vote

Illinois is a leader on voting rights and the Clerk's Office is committed to ensuring every eligible voter in Champaign County has a fair, free, and accessible election.

VOTE BY MAIL - is a safe, secure, and convenient way to vote for any election. The application process will open not more than 90 days before election day and is open until 5 days before election day. For more info on the vote by mail process, click here.

VOTE EARLY - Locations and schedule are released prior to the upcoming election. Champaign County usually has 10-12 early voting sites and early voting starts 40 days before election day. Once the early voting schedule is set, you will find it here.

VOTE ON ELECTION DAY - Always confirm your polling location through the voter portal if you prefer to vote on election day.

MILITARY AND OVERSEAS VOTING - If you are an active duty member of the military, the spouse or dependent of a military member, or a citizen abroad, click here for your voting options.

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