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Resources for Candidates

The Illinois State Board of Election has released the 2022 guides. The Clerk's Office STRONGLY encourages you to read them thoroughly if you are planning to run for office. The guides are particularly helpful this election cycle because there have been legislative changes to the petition period. The required filing forms are linked in the Candidate's Guide.

Upcoming Important Dates

  • Thursday, January 13, 2022 - Petition Passing Period Begins
  • Monday, March 7, 2022-March 14, 2022 - Established Party (Democratic & Republican) Candidate Petition Filing Period
  • There are many other important dates, refer to the 2022 Election & Campaign Finance Calendar for all important dates.

Signature Requirements

Petition signature requirements for local offices are outlined below. Other offices are dictated in the 2022 Candidate's Guide (linked below).

Countywide positions: Executive, Clerk, Treasurer, Sheriff

  • Democratic Candidate: 255
  • Republican Candidate: 156

County Board Members: All 22 seats are on the ballot in 2022 because of redistricting.

  • Because of redistricting, all county board members, regardless of party, need 17 signatures.
  • Normally this is 25 but the 1/3 reduction lowers it for this cycle.
  • The county board districts have been redrawn. Due to the delay in the Census this has pushed back all work regarding redistricting. To ensure candidates are getting valid signatures for their district, the Clerk's Office recommends using the 2021 County Board District layer of the Champaign County GIS Consortium mapping system to determine what addresses are in their district.
    • More information about using the GIS mapping tool can be found here.

Precinct Committee People:

  • Democratic Candidate: 7
  • Republican Candidate: 7

Filing Paperwork

The Candidate's Guide (linked below) has links to the filing paperwork required by candidates. Additionally, the Clerk's Office asks that all candidates complete a Contact Sheet if they do not have one on file with us as an elected official.

All candidates for office are required to file a Statement of Economic Interest. If, as a candidate, you file your petitions with the Clerk's Office, you also need to file a Statement of Economic Interest with the Clerk's Office. Candidate must have their SEIs filed by the close of business on March 14, 2022. If you file an SEI for any entity in Champaign County, that fulfills your requirement. If you do not already file an annual SEI, email the Clerk's Office at sei@co.champaign.il.us and we will add you to the online filing portal and you can file your SEI in about 2 minutes.

2022 Illinois State Board of Election Election Guides
Current Elected Officials
District Maps

Champaign County GIS Consortium has an excellent mapping service. Users can overlay districts, search addresses, and more. Click here to access the interactive mapping tool.

You can also find precinct, county board district, legislative, and congressional maps here.




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